Ask yourself this question…

Do you start each day purposefully?

Living with purpose and passion is based upon decision. You can choose to live day after day, one after another, in a completely ordinary existence.

Or you can choose to greet each day with a purposeful mindset.

When you choose to be purposeful you choose to put meaning into what you do every day. You choose to actively pursue your goals and vision.

Without purpose, your goals will remain out of reach for a long time.

Begin each day with these questions and you’ll be amazed at how much closer you get to reaching your goals:

  1. What choices will I make today that align my purpose and passion with the tasks at hand at work?
  2. Why is it vital for me to absorb myself in my work passionately and purposefully each day? 
  3. How will I choose my attitude to affect how I deal with stressful circumstances at work today?  
  4. When am I most likely to respond with the most passion and purpose today? Meeting with clients? Working on my computer? Following up on a lead? Take note of what makes your passion come alive, so you can use it to better your work performance.
  5. Where within the organisation am I best able to articulate my passion and purpose? Is it working with my peers? My clients? Where physically do I perform the most purposefully?
  6. With whom do I need to spend time in order to maintain balance as I pursue my passion and purpose? Within the organisation, who best supports me?


Life happens one day at a time – so make each day count.