Are you happy for other people to get rich at your expense?

Like me, I expect your answer is that you don’t mind other people doing well if they help you to do well – but you certainly don’t want somebody doing well at your expense.

But when it comes to investing for your future, that’s exactly what seems to happen, isn’t it? After all, the newspapers are full of stories of….

… Fat Cat salesman earning a fortune selling people the wrong type of pension.

… Fat Cat banks and building societies launching accounts with high rates of interest, and then quietly reducing them in the hope that nobody notices.

… And Fat Cat financial institutions earning inflated bonuses and profits by selling policies that are crippled by excessively high charges.

And it’s obvious whose money the Fat Cats are taking, isn’t it? It’s yours and mine. Putting it simply…. they are getting rich at our expense…. because when they win, we seem to lose. And we don’t think any of that is fair.

So we’d like to tell you about AVN Wealth Managers – our in-house financial advisory partners who are different from the rest – and it’s all designed to make YOU the winner.

From savings and investments, to pensions and insurance, you can now get advice that is:

  • Right for you – because our research team will never recommend anything they do not genuinely believe is in your best interests
  • Friendly and relaxed – with no pushy salesmen
  • In Plain English – to turn the otherwise bewildering complexity of the subject into something that is easy to understand and get to grips with
  • From people you can trust – all AVN Wealth managers are Chartered, Independent and highly experienced
  • Fee based – so no commission paid via the back door


We’d be delighted to meet to explain how our approach can help you. Simply contact us and we will arrange to get together.