‘Do you want to guarantee your success?’

Have you ever thought about what offering an outrageous guarantee could do for your business?

Some companies have literally transformed their fortunes – and their industries – by offering extraordinary guarantees. For example, Domino Pizza single-handedly reinvented the fast food industry in the US by offering ‘Fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or you don’t pay’. Closer to home, holiday company Thomson once guaranteed that if you were not happy with your hotel, they would immediately fly you back home and refund every penny.

Did it cost Thomson a fortune? Probably not. Think about it. Would you want to disappoint your family by bringing them home on day two of their holiday? I certainly wouldn’t.  Would it have a dramatic effect on their sales and profits by making many more people switch to Thomson? I think so!

If your business is good – and I know it is – how could you dramatise the fact by offering extraordinary guarantees? Guarantees that are better than anybody else’s in your industry? Guarantees that will bring customers flocking to your door?

‘Here’s an idea that could help your business to set the world alight!’

On the face of it, it’s not a business building idea this time… it’s more of a paradigm shift. And a very powerful one at that.

Like you, of course, I have always known that Roger Bannister was the first man to break the four minute mile barrier. But until the other day I didn’t know the rest of the story.

You see, for years people had believed that it was medically impossible – not just difficult, but medically impossible – to run a four minute mile. Then on 6 May 1954 Roger Bannister made the world believe that it was possible. And from that day on, something quite amazing happened.

Over the next 18 months the previously impossible was achieved a staggering 52 further times!

There had been no breakthroughs in training. No breakthroughs in running equipment. No breakthroughs in running surfaces. The only “breakthrough” was that Roger Bannister had forced the world to change its limiting belief – the limiting belief that the four minute mile was impossible.

He, quite literally, forced them to believe that it was possible. And that simple change in mindset transformed the business of athletics by opening up a Pandora’s box of new possibilities.

And it’s exactly the same in business, isn’t it?

Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year banking was “impossible”…. until First Direct made it happen. A vacuum cleaner that never lost its suction was “impossible”… until James Dyson did the housework one day. A pocket sized music system was “impossible”…. until Sony created the Walkman. It was “impossible” for a young businessman working from home to become an internationally recognised and respected superstar… until Richard Branson came along. And it was impossible to get an instant, hassle-free, 100% refund on an unsatisfactory holiday…until Thomson launched their revolutionary holiday guarantee.

The business world is littered with limiting beliefs – impossible products and services, impossible achievements and impossible guarantees – all of which have made enormous amounts of money for those who had the courage to say “I don’t believe that’s impossible”.

What limiting beliefs are holding you, your company and your industry back?

They always exist. Always.

So, in our opinion, probably the single most important contribution any business leader can make to his business is to start identifying and challenging those limiting beliefs. Because when they do, the rewards can be enormous. Just as they have been for Branson, Dyson, Sony, First Direct and Thomson.

So my advice is simple. If you want to share in that sort of success, start identifying and challenging those limiting beliefs TODAY.